Future Nature refers to an artistic digital artwork formed by images, sound landscapes and interactive pieces. It shows an imaginary environment and reflects the ecosystem marked by digital tools, as a result of a society more and more ruled by them.

This Future Nature could be the logic consequence of the evolution process in which men are involved. Here you will keep watching the sea, the clouds, the trees and the earth, but in a different way to the one we know nowadays.

The project shows in a descriptive way the nature that is coming from the mind of the author and does not pretend to give any judgment. It only shows a possible upcoming reality, just leaving an invitation to reflect on something new, Future Nature, which we might face someday.

The exhibition has been selected into "best of 2011" category at Prix Ars Electronica festival and it has been finalist at Japan Media Arts Festival 2011.
Future Nature was premiered at Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, in the City of Arts and Science, Valencia (Spain), in 14th March, 2012.

Future Nature is currently taking place at Centro Cultural Casa de Vacas, Retiro, in Madrid (Spain), from May 5th to May 30th.